Sound art and political listening explored in new website, REC:on





“Listening and sound is a way of knowing the world.”

Composer and producer Antye Greie Ripatti, aka AGF / poemproducer, has launched a new website dedicated to political listening and sound art, called REC:on.

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REC:on – a shortened version of ‘reconnaissance’ – is described as “a new space {inflection} for political sound work & political listening ↣ derived from a compositional technology of ⥉ growing sound ⤹ growing connections ‡ ⁜ ⁂ ⁁ ※ growing networks ✸.”

The website is divided into four parts:

‘Audio collectif-ness’ feature interviews with sound and listening artists and activists; ‘{w} ORGanize {grow}’ will spotlight other activists and offer a means to connection; ‘feminist sonic technologies’ will showcase the site’s exhibitions, while ‘REC:on’ will host short sound series.

Ripatti’s work draws on field recordings, feminist theory, networking and environmental concerns.

REC:on follows Ripatti’s Biosemiotics – a mixtape of talks, field, experimentation – BioSignals #6  mix as part of Pixelache Helsinki festival’s 2018-2019 programme BioSignals.

Check out REC:on here.