C.R. Gillespie channels “vibroacoustic therapy” on new LP, Concentration Patterns





Inspired by Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Spiegel, and Steve Roach.

C.R. Gillespie is releasing a new album, Concentration Patterns, via Hidden Harmony Recordings this May.

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Concentration Patterns was originally conceptualised as a meditative therapy aid, designed to combat daily fatigue, with Gillespie incorporating “elements of binaural beats and vibroacoustic therapy.”

Concentration Patterns first debuted as 75-minute sound installation as part of the Calgary Arts Common’s +15 Soundscape project.

For the vinyl release, Gillespie has included a suggestion of sine tones – indicated with specific Hz frequencies – to pair the album’s tracks with, in order to allow “the tonal information of the piece to freely float above a constant foundation.”

Concentration Patterns follows Gillespie’s Tlön LP, released on Metachroma Currency in 2019.

Head here for more info in advance of Concentration Patterns’ 1st May release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

1. 120 Hz

Side B

1. 90 Hz

Side C

1. 60 Hz

Side D

1. 77 Hz