Ryoji Ikeda to bring “immersive club show” Supercodex to London’s Village Underground




The revered composer and sonic artist is plotting a huge audiovisual experience.

Set to explore the outer limits of physics and mathematics in his Supersymmetry solo exhibition this April at The Vinyl Factory;s Brewer Street Car Park, Ryoji Ikeda will return to London for an “immersive club show” at Village Underground this May.

The Supercodex performance will see Ikeda revisit concepts from his 2013 project Superposition, using raw data and mathematical models to generate music and projections while combining digital blips and bass drones with techno propulsion. The show promises to be a pretty bewildering experience, with stark visuals adding textures of percussion so that it “becomes difficult to distinguish between the senses”, according to the event organisers at the Barbican.

Ryoji Ikeda: Supercodex takes place on May 27 at Village Underground – with tickets on sale now. Meanwhile, his Supersymmetry show is set to open on April 23 at The Vinyl Factory Space in Brewer Street Car Park, Soho. Find out more about that exhibition here.