Composer and sound artist Ros Bandt’s Soft and Fragile album reissued





Recorded using “structured improvisations” performed on custom-made instruments.

Academic, composer, and sound artist Ros Bandt and Lime’s Soft and Fragile album is being reissued, via Efficient Space this February.

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Borned in 1951, Bandt has become a key figure across Australia’s music scenes for her work with sound sculptures, acoustic ecology, and invented instruments, alongside her academic work.

Soft and Fragile was recorded on custom-built bells and gongs in a series of “structured improvisations”, as well as sounds from glass, clay, and metal.

It follows the label’s reissue of Singing Dust’s self-titled album, in August.

Pre-order Soft and Fragile here in advance of its 4th February release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Ros Bandt – Ocean Bells
2. LIME – Shifts
3. LIME – Annapurna

Photo by: Howard Birnstihl