Primal Scream make new album available in full with animated vinyl-based interactive clips



Primal Scream have created an interactive, stop-motion vinyl animation to showcase their new album More Light in full ahead of its release next week.

This is surely the year of the innovative pre-release campaign. We’ve had Boards of Canada’s code-based wild goose chase, Daft Punk’s slicker than slick Nile Rodgers-athon and Jai Paul’s leaked release-not-release (we’re still not convinved this wasn’t an audacious piece of promotion); hell, David Bowie’s The Next Day even came with it’s own record-breaking exhibition.

While not on that kind of scale, the image of Primal Scream, cross-legged on the floor with scissors, glue and discs of coloured card in some sort of other-dimensional Blue Peter homage creating these laborious stop-motion vinyl animations, is just too good.

Over twenty years after Screamadelica, the band have gone all arts and crafts, and you can explore all four sides of their new release more light in the interactive clips below. More Light will be released on Monday 13th May.

The Vinyl Factory released the Scream’s previous album Beautiful Future as a boxset which you can view here.