Moor Mother, Kode9, and more pen essays for Unsound’s new book





With subjects ranging from field recording during the pandemic, to audio-virology, and Zoom calls.

Polish festival Unsound is releasing a new collection of essays, titled INTERMISSION, responding to the massive upheavals that have occurred throughout 2020.

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Due for release in November, the book explores the contradictions and tensions at the core of the word ‘intermission’. The essays tackle the events, symbols, and issues that have come to define the year 2020: from protests, to online intimacy and mental health, music-making and field recording in the age of Coronavirus, masks, Zoom calls and more.

The collection’s contributors represent a similarly broad range too. Authors include Moor Mother, Deforrest Brown Jr., Ayesha Hameed, Olga Drenda, Philip Sherburne, Steve Goodman (aka Kode9), and Sylwia Chutnik — among many others.

Unsound is also releasing a digital album by the same name, featuring work by Slikback, Jlin, Hildur Guðnadóttir and more.

Both the book and album are set to complement Unsound’s digital edition in October, which will see lectures, panel discussions, interviews and more streaming online — including sessions featuring the essay collection’s contributors.

The festival has launched a Patreon to help fund its continuing efforts, including the new book and digital album.

Head here to pre-order a copy of INTERMISSION in advance of its 16th November publication, and head here for more info on Unsound’s digital edition.