Laurel Halo to release her first album in five years, Atlas





Atlas drops via the Awe imprint.

Composer, producer, musician and DJ Laurel Halo will release a new album this September.

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Atlas is a 10-track album coming out via Laurel Halo’s Awe imprint. It’ll be her first full-length album since 2018’s Raw Silk Uncut Wood and follows her DJ-Kicks mix back in 2019.

Hear the first single, which features vocal harmonies from Coby Sey, “Belleville”, below.

Atlas stems from Laurel Halo’s research into “electroacoustic sound design and piano practice” since 2019. The album features contributions from saxophonist Bendik Giske, violinist James Underwood, cellist Lucy Railton and vocalist Coby Sey.

The black vinyl Atlas LP drops on September 22. You can pre-order it now.


1. Abandon
2. Naked to the Light
3. Late Night Drive
4. Sick Eros
5. Belleville
6. Sweat, Tears or the Sea
7. Atlas
8. Reading the Air
9. You Burn Me
10. Earthbound