IsoAcoustics announces new isolation platforms for turntables and hi-fi





A stable base for your tech. 

IsoAcoustics has unveiled two new isolation platforms, the zaZen I and II.

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While most audio gear is sensitive to vibrations and resonances, turntables are particulate sensitive because both can interfere with the stylus as it navigates a record’s groove.

Following IsoAcoustics’ DELOS platforms, which are designed for larger hi-fi, the company developed its zaZen range with smaller, lighter turntables and gear.

By coupling a dense fibre platform construction with IsoAcoustics’ signature isolators on each of the bottom corners, the zaZen aims “to provide a low noise floor.”

The zaZen I has been designed for hi-fi components and turntables with a weight capacity of up to 25lbs, measures 17” x 15” x 1.2” and is priced at £199.

Built for heavier systems and able to maintain a weight of up to 40lbs, the zaZen II measures 17” x 15” x 1.4” and is priced at £229.

Both models will be released on the 30th September.

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