Rapper Guilty Simpson and producer Leonard Charles collaborate as The Leonard Simpson Duo for new LP



Inspired by ‘70s psychedelic and acid records from ’60s and ’70s New Zealand.

Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson and New Zealand producer Leonard Charles are releasing a collaborative LP as The Leonard Simpson Duo, titled LSD, this January via Jakarta Records.

As well as drawing inspiration from psychedelia and acid-influenced records from New Zealand, the duo also looked to late ’60s jazz fusion and the compositions of jazz producer and arranger David Axelrod.

The new LP follows Guilty Simpson and MED’s collaborative album Child Of The Jungle, released earlier this year.

Head here for more info in advance of its 31st January release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Intro
2. My Inspiration
3. Breaking Bread
4. She’s Got It
6. Friends
7. Grass
8. Nobody
9. Heavy Organ (feat. Wildchild)
10. EVOL Interlude
11. Message To My Ex
12. Bricks
13. The GOAT
14. Smokin’ Good