Fluance launches the RT81+ High Fidelity turntable





An upgrade to the flagship RT81 turntable.

Fluance has launched its RT81+ High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable.

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Designed as an upgrade to the RT81 turntable, the RT81+ is the latest in Fluance’s Elite range.

Improvements to the turntable include an Audio Technica VM95E cartridge, an upgraded dampened aluminium anti-resonant platter, and a built-in preamp.

RT81+ turntable

“This turntable is designed to stand out and last for decades to come. It incorporates a number of unique features that reflect Fluance’s commitment to superior sound quality, upgradeability, and customer accessibility,” says Justin Koetsier, Product Manager at Fluance.

“In essence, the RT81+ aims to deliver an accessible, yet sophisticated and upgradeable, high-fidelity audio experience, embodying our vision of inclusivity. Even as products become more expensive, we remain focused on enabling customers to start with a base model and build it up into a high-end model over time, as they desire and as their resources allow. This is more than a product; it’s an enduring commitment to our customers’ evolving audio lifestyle.”

The RT81+ turntable is available in Piano White, Piano Black, and Natural Walnut. It retails at £257.21. Find out more here.