A guide to the best vinyl accessories

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Your expert guide to must-have vinyl accessories.

Vinyl records have made an impressive comeback in recent years, captivating music lovers with their warm, nostalgic sound and tangible charm. As vinyl continues to regain its popularity, the demand for vinyl accessories has surged, catering to a diverse audience ranging from novices to seasoned collectors.

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Whether you are new to vinyl or a seasoned aficionado, vinyl accessories offer a multitude of benefits that can elevate your listening journey. One of the primary advantages lies in preserving the quality of your vinyl records. Vinyl can be delicate and susceptible to dust, dirt, and static, leading to diminished sound quality and even potential damage over time. However, with the right vinyl accessories, you can safeguard your records and maintain their pristine condition.

Below we dive into some of the most common vinyl accessories, what they’re good for and our recommendations.

the best anti-static brush

Anti-Static Brush

Static electricity is the nemesis of vinyl enthusiasts. As a record spins on a turntable, static charge accumulates, this static attracts dust, which causes unpleasant cracks, pops during playback, and dust accumulation that can dirty your record and stylus. An anti-static brush is a simple yet effective accessory that helps eliminate this static charge on your record, reduce those pops and crackles, and preserve audio fidelity. These brushes also sweep away surface debris before each play, resulting in a cleaner sound experience.

Recommendation: Audioquest Record Brush Anti Static Carbon Plate Brush

Price: £25
Verdict: This meticulously crafted brush features carbon fibre bristles that efficiently eliminate dust and static from vinyl records, significantly improving playback quality. The “gold” portion on the handle provides a grounding for static buildup when held by fingers, further safeguarding the records against attracting dust, and ensuring a cleaner and quieter audio experience. Its gentle yet effective cleaning action makes it ideal for delicate stylus maintenance as well.


Stylus Brush/Cleaner

The stylus, often referred to as the “needle”, is the delicate needle that sits at the end of your cartridge and traces the grooves of a vinyl record, converting the analogue signals into audible music. Keeping the stylus clean is crucial to avoid distortion and preserve record quality. A stylus brush or cleaner gently removes dust and debris, allowing for precise tracking and prolonging the life of the stylus. This accessory is especially beneficial for beginners who may be unaware of the importance of stylus maintenance.

Recommendation: Onzow Zerodust Stylus Cleaner

Price: £50

Verdict: The Zerodust stylus cleaner allows you to maintain your stylus effortlessly without the need for brushes or fluids. All you have to do is gently lower the stylus onto the bubble, lift the arm lever, and witness debris be left behind. If you want to enhance fidelity and extend your stylus life, all while being able to inspect with the included magnifier this cleaner is one to get!


the best record cleaning kits

Record Cleaning Kit

Maintaining your vinyl collection is paramount to preserving its audio quality. Dust and debris can accumulate on records over time, affecting playback and causing unnecessary wear on the grooves. While these kits usually include accessories such as stylus cleaners, solutions and anti-static brushes, what sets them apart is the addition of vinyl cleaning solutions and appropriate brushes/cloths that help you achieve a deeper clean. These kits are perfect for older dirty records or records that may have stubborn gunk stuck within their grooves.

Recommendation: GROOVEWASHER Record Cleaner Starter Kit

Price: £67

Verdict: GrooveWasher provides an incredible vinyl record hand-cleaning kit, that is remarkably effective without breaking the bank. The stylus and record cleaning fluids are top performers as they gently eradicate oils, fingerprints, and stubborn dust without compromising the records’ integrity by leaving behind unwanted residue. This kit also includes a stylus brush and a record cleaning brush suitable to use with the included cleaning solution, making it the perfect kit for those looking to clean records an anti-static brush may not be suitable for.