Exploring Miles Davis' Nefertiti, with Moses Boyd and Raj Chaudhuri



Delving into the iconic jazz album.

Miles Davis’ game-changing record Nefertiti is explored by Moses Boyd and Raj Chaudhuri, aka Raji Rags – in the latest episode of Classic Album Sundays’ My Classic Album series.

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Having discovered Nefertiti as a teenager, Boyd discusses its long-lasting personal appeal, as well as the context and history of the album within Davis’ career and music development.

“I just remember listening to it, and something about when I put this on changed everything — physically and mentally.”

“You think think you’ve heard it all, know it all, and then you hear something like this….”

My Classic Album brings together artists to talk about the albums that have influenced them, with forthcoming guests including Ego Ella May, Goldie, Black Midi, and more.

Watch the interview in full above.