Egyptian Lover’s ‘Egypt, Egypt’ reissued on triangular vinyl with pyramid sleeve





Originally published on FACT.

Stones Throw goes all out on the reissue.

The label will reissue Egyptian Lover’s 1984 West Coast hip-hop classic, ‘Egypt Egypt’, on a 7″ single backed by ‘Girls’.

The best part, though, is the presentation: the record is a white triangle vinyl and the sleeve is comprised of 8 black panels with gold foil that fold into a free-standing pyramid.

The single will be released on Record Store Day and is available to pre-order now. See more images of the reissue, courtesy of Stones Throw, below.

Check out the full Record Store Day Black Friday release list here and read about Egyptian Lover’s extraordinary love affair with Kraftwerk here.

egyptian lover triangle1

egyptian lover triangle2

egyptian lover triangle4

egyptian lover triangle5

egyptian lover triangle6

egyptian lover triangle7