American Cassette Culture collected in exhaustive 8LP vinyl box set




Vinyl-On-Demand showcase twelve years of underground tape culture in the US.

Turning his attention away from the European scene, Frank Meier and his peerless German label Vinyl-On-Demand have announced the release of American Cassette Culture: Recordings 1971-83, featuring early experiments of K. Leimer (subject to recent reissues by RVNG Intl.) alongside Don Slepian, Steve Roach, Marc Berrera, Anode (Productions), Young Scientist, Ken Moore, and Galen.

Connected by Archie Patterson’s Eurock Magazine & Distribution who were involved in much of the music included, American Cassette Culture is an exhaustive, beautifully presented overview of heady ambience, DIY cosmic electronica and minimal, dystopian synth-scapes, collected across eight LPs and a full-colour booklet of revealing photography and insights.

American Cassette Culture: Recordings 1971-83 is out today in an edition of 300 hand-numbered. Click here to order from Boomkat.

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