Daniel Villarreal’s debut album melds jazz and psychedelia





Plus folk-funk, dub, spaced-out synths, and textured instrumentals.

Drummer Daniel Villarreal is releasing his debut album, called Panamá 77, via International Anthem this May.

Villarreal recorded the album with an ensemble of musicians including Jeff Parker on electric guitar, Aquiles Navarro on trumpet, Marta Sofia Honer on violin and viola, and Gordon Walters on bass.

Panamá 77 fuses folk-funk with textured instrumentals, dub, spacey synths, jazz and psychedelia.

It follows the label’s release of Jamire Williams’ But Only After You Have Sufferedone of our favourite albums of 2021.

Pre-order Panamá 77 here in advance of its 20th May release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Bella Vista
2. Ofelia
3. Uncanny
4. I Didn’t Expect That
5. In/On
6. Cali Colors
7. Activo
8. Sombras
9. Parque En Seis
10. Patria
11. 18th & Morgan
12. Messenger

Photo by Ariana Lebedev