Coco Maria curates second Latin music compilation for Bongo Joe Records





Hear the first single “La Cumbia Del Sufi Que No Sab​í​a Bailar” now.

DJ and selector Coco Maria will release a new compilation on Bongo Joe Records on July 7.

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Club Coco ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now sees Coco Maria curate a collection of experimental Afro-Latin cuts, in line with the music of her Breakfast Club Coco radio show.

Following on from her first Club Coco compilation back in 2021, Club Coco ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now features artists and producers from Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, the UK and beyond.

Hear the first single from the release “La Cumbia Del Sufi Que No Sab​í​a Bailar” by Peruvian artist Dip In The Dub.

Pre-order Club Coco ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now on black, ‘Raspberry Party’ or ‘Pineapple Shake’ vinyl with a variety of covers now.


1. Raz Olsher – Pacific Dreams
2. Los Pirañas – Puerta Del So
3. Lola’s Dice – Sacudete
4. Guess What – Children’s Favourite
5. Acid Coco – Seguimos Sonriendo
6. Juan Hundred – Always Ready To Smoke
7. Las Mijas – Ronca (Carta Para Una Mija)
8. Dip In the Dub – La Cumbia Del Sufi Que No Sabia Baila
9. Chupame El Dedo – Metalero
10. Guess What – Stickle Bricks
11. Candeleros – El Bravo
12. Iko Chérie – Lepidoptera
13. Ronald Snijders – Off The Groove
14. Raz Olsher – Vamonos Cocos