Ana Roxanne and DJ Python team up for album as Natural Wonder Beauty Concept





The project dabbles in “trip-hop, synth-pop, brittle IDM drums, and samples of classical music”. 

Ana Roxanne and DJ Python have launched a collaborative project titled Natural Wonder Beauty Concept.

The duo’s debut self-titled album is set for release on July 14 via Mexican Summer and marks a departure from their respective main projects.

Natural Wonder Beauty Concept stemmed from an initial meeting between the pair in New York City in the winter of 2020. Following mostly online communication through the pandemic, the pair came together to record music across studio sessions in LA and Brooklyn in 2022.

Hear the first single, “Sword”, below.

“There was lots of time to make music during the first year we worked on the project,” the duo explain. “The winter in New York felt quite vacuous, so we spent a lot of time reflecting on feeling too much and feeling nothing at all.”

Natural Wonder Beauty Concept is available to pre-order on black or silver clouds vinyl now.


1. Fallen Angel
2. Sword
3. III
4. The Veil I
5. Natural Wonder Beauty Concept
6. The Veil II
7. Young Adult Fiction
8. Driving
9. Clear
10. World Freehand Circle Drawing