Building Muscle: See photos from the making of Eddie Peake’s new screen-printed limited edition





We go behind the scenes at the production of Gwilym Gold’s new single ‘Muscle’.

Released via artist Eddie Peake’s vinyl-only label HYMN in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, the screen-printed limited edition of Gwilym Gold’s new single ‘Muscle’ was always going to be a thing to behold. Defined by Peake’s attention to detail and Gold’s commitment to creating unique musical artefacts – his 2012 Bronze project dictated that no song from his debut album Tender Metal would be the same twice – every copy of the 100-strong screen-printed limited edition is different, exploiting unique colour-combinations to create a set of truly singular artworks.

Beginning with a glimpse of the finished versions (four variants of which are displayed below), we also wanted to share images from behind the scenes in the print room, where Eddie Peake and Gwilym Gold personally oversaw the making of all 100 records, each subsequently hand-signed by Peake himself.

Speaking to The Vinyl Factory in our recent interview on his new label HYMN, Peake explained that he would “focus on each release one at a time and build a world around each one”, and in doing so has also conceived and directed a stunning new video featuring dancer and long-time collaborator Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, which you can watch here.

The limited edition of Gwilym Gold’s ‘Muscle’ is out today and available to order exclusively from The Vinyl Factory online shop.

album1 copy

album2 copy

album3 copy

album4 copy

album5 copy

back1 copy

front 1 copy

And from the making of…

IMG_3306 copy

IMG_3309 copy

IMG_3311 copy

IMG_3327 copy

IMG_3330 copy

IMG_3331 copy

IMG_3334 copy

IMG_3335 copy

IMG_3338 copy

IMG_3342 copy

IMG_3345 copy

IMG_3349 copy

IMG_3350 copy

All photos: The Vinyl Factory