Binker & Moses releasing new album, Feeding The Machine





Venturing into ambient, minimalism, and experimental realms.

Binker & Moses — aka Binker Golding and Moses Boyd — are releasing a new album, called Feeding The Machine, via Gearbox this February.

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Moving away from the sounds of their previous outings, Feeding The Machine sees the duo explore ambient, minimalist, and experimental electronic terrains.

To do so, the pair used modular synths and samples, as well as tenor sax and drums.

Feeding The Machine follows Binker & Moses’ 2020 album Escape The Flames, also released on Gearbox.

Pre-order Feeding The Machine here in advance of its 25th February release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

1. Asynchronous Intervals
2. Active-Multiple-Fetish-Overlord
3. Accelerometer Overdose

Side B

1. Feed Infinite
2. After The Machine Settles
3. Because Because

Photo by: Franco Truscello