This new turntable has been built without a platter



The Atmo Sfera might well be the world’s first “platterless” turntable.

The quest for perfect sound has taken turntable manufacturers to some pretty extreme places. Consider this 16″ tonearm, or this 70-pound cast-iron base. But while the latter has a dynamically-balanced 35-pound platter to reduce vibration, Italian design company Audio Deva have gone in the other direction completely, manufacturing their new Atmo Sfera deck without a platter at all.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Audio Deva claim that the Atmo Sfera will deliver “audio quality barely surpassed even by the most sought after turntables”, eschewing popular wisdom that larger, heavier platters will dampen the vibrations that can interfere with playback.

Instead of using a platter, which can act like a giant spring that absorbs rather than disperse vibrations, the Atmo Sfera positions the record on a small, low-torque motor that leaves it all-but floating free. In doing so, they claim to have solved a problem that no other commercial turntable manufacturer has.

The belt-driven deck also offers Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in Audio Technica AT 95 E MM cartridge for easy set-up and a straight, carbon-fibre tonearm. Check out their Kickstarter pitch below and click here to support the project or pre-order your own for $895. [via What Hi-Fi]

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