Anime & manga soundtracks from ’84-’90 collected on new compilation





Futuristic synth pop experiments.

Time Capsule is releasing a new compilation, called Anime & Manga Synth Pop Soundtracks 1984​-​1990, this August.

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The compilation collects synth pop experiments originally designed to soundtrack Japan’s booming anime and manga industries.

In doing so, it captures “the mindset of composers and musicians who believed in a technological future where everything was possible.”

Anime & Manga Synth Pop Soundtracks 1984​-​1990 features compositions from Yoshinobu Hiraiwa, Kazuhiko Izu, Kan Ogasawara, Keiichi Oku and more.

It follows the label’s Lèspri Ka: New Directions in Gwoka Music from Guadeloupe 1981​-​2010 compilation, released in January.

Pre-order Anime & Manga Synth Pop Soundtracks 1984​-​1990 from Bandcamp in advance of its 26th August release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Kan Ogasawara – Honowo
2. Ichiro Nitta – Shadow Rhythm
3. Kazuhiko Izu – Act 2 Scene 26
4. Yoshinobu Hiraiwa – Into The Jungle
5. Takashi Kokubo & Nobuyoshi Koshibe – Kiki (Jungle At Night)
6. Kan Ogasawara – Utage
7. Open Sesame! – Scrab
8. Keiichi Oku – Ryoko’s Theme