VF Live: Yo-Yo Records #15 with Louise Chen





A soul, r’n’b, and disco special.

In VF Live, DJs take you inside their HQs, record stores, and studios for intimate sets and mixes.

Yo-Yo Records returns, with a set from Taiwanese-French DJ, promoter, and radio host Louise Chen.

“I love Yo-Yo Records. It’s by far my favourite record shop in London. There are always some rare gems on the walls, and a bunch of soul 7″s to discover! It’s also where a lot of my friends have worked in the past or work from time to time, Mafalda, Leiah, Layla, it feels very much like visiting friends every time I go. It meant a lot to be able to record in this special place and nerd out about records with Derek as I was playing tunes out.

At the moment, I’m focusing on laying low, enjoying my new-ish London life, working on music, and getting acquainted with new bangers to build up my ammunition for when festival season kicks in. I’m also gearing up to joining Moxie on her month-long residency at Phonox March 18th!! Then I have my own DJ residency at Corsica Studios, called Small Talk, where I get to explore different genres and play with lots of friends like Martyn Bootyspoon in April, etc.

Since we were recording this set around Valentine’s Day, I was feeling quite romantic. So, I picked some of my all-time favourite love songs from the top shelf record section. Some rare ones, some less so. I stuck to mostly soul, r’n’b, and disco for this. I wanted to pull from my signature classics, and also included some new secondhand records that I brought back from my last trip to New York.”

Watch and listen to the set above, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Prince – How Come You Don’t Call Me
2. J.R. Bailey – Love Love Love
3. Lialeh Original Movie Soundtrack – Lialeh
4. Gary Bartz – Gentle Smiles (Saxy)
5. 9th Creation – Sexy Girl
6. Wee – Leaven’ You Alone
7. Leroy Hutson – Love To Hold You Close
8. Allspice – Hungry For Your Love
9. Bridge – Crying For Love
10. Manhattan Rhythm – Sweet Lady
11. Master Force – Hey Girl
12. Oneway – I Am Under Your Spell
13. Pam Todd & Love Exchange – Let’s Get Together
14. Milton Wright – Be With Me
15. SOUL – My Cherie Amour
16. Marvin Gaye – Come Get To This
17. Edge Of Daybreak – Eyes Of Love
18. Magnum Force – Girl You’re Too Cool
19. Ralph Macdonald – Where Is The Love
20. Rinder & Lewis – Lust

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