VF Live: Zudrangma Records



Funk-fuelled 45s from Thailand and its surrounds.

With quarantines and lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic ongoing around the world, artists are finding new ways to connect with people worldwide.

As part of our new feature on site – VF Live – our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, for intimate record selects and mixes.

In Zudrangma Records’ first instalment from its Bangkok HQ, label head, shop founder, DJ and producer selects from the mighty racks.

Watch the set and listen to the mix above, and check out the tracklist below.

“This is Maft Sai (Zudrangma Records / Studio Lam / Paradise Bangkok) selecting a mixture of 45s from the Eastern hemisphere…”


1. Teoy Khong – Udom Chantakul

2. Kasihmu Cahaya Hidupku – Uji Rashid

3. Oooh… Ooh!.. – İstanbul Şarkıcıları

4. Pleng Kratok Chokchai – Pongthep Kradonchamnan

5. Choi Thailand – Mae Boonchu Na Ayuthya

6. Mustafa – Bebi Dol

7. Arzoo (Dance Music) – M. Ashraf

8. Manorah Ruifai – P.M. Pocket Music

9. Ya Mahmud – Orkes Kelana Ria

10. Yak Kha? Tud Kho – Dokrak Danprarung