VF Live: Peer Review #1 with Nico b2b Manny





With deep house, techno, and acid records, direct from Denver.

In VF Live, our favourite musicians take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios, for intimate mixes and performances.

Colorado DJ crew Peer Review step-up for their first VF Live set, playing a selection of their favourite deep house, techno, and acid records.

“Peer Review was founded by Nico Tobón and Adolfo Gonzalez, who was soon joined by Mansour-Al Amin (aka Manny ‘Nuff). Led by the desire to contribute to their local scene, began organising DIY events, and over a span of two years played host to after-hours with DJs including DJ QU, D. Tiffany, Roza Terenzi, Octo Octa, and Soos.

Prior to the pandemic Nico and Manny oscillated between bookending Peer Review’s guest DJs, played an all-night set for the revered Junk Drawer party series, visited Milan’s Radio Raheem, and held down a bi-monthly residency at a local venue in Denver, The Roxy.”

Well versed in the art of the b2b, they team up to play a selection of their favourite deep house, techno, and acid records together, for their first VF Live.

Watch and listen to the set above, check out the tracklist below.


1. Hakim Murphy – Murph tone jack session II
2. Joey Anderson – Organisms
3. Coni – Imaginarious Essai EP
4. Time Division – Memory of Shape EP
5. Lubin – Future Laboratories
6. Eduardo De La Calle – Sensitive Compartmented Information
7. Jason Fine – Moonscapes EP
8. DJ October – Planet of Minds/Singularity Jump
7. Lapien – Something To Show You
8. DJ QU – Passing States EP
9. Spekter – Pipe Bomb
10. Session Restore – An Obvious Pattern
11. Various – The House of Muzique
12. DJ Qu – Be Who You Want EP
13. Maan – Remixes – NON004
14. Swerve/Marcos Cabral – LIES-XMAS-04
15. DJ Spider & Grey People – Service Elevator