VF Live: Laima #5



Exploring ambient and experimental music from 2020.

In VF Live, our favourite DJs take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios – for intimate mixes and performances.

Artist and musician Laima returns for her latest show, playing some of her favorite records from 2020:

“For this VF Live set, I’ve explored ambient and experimental music, featuring 2020 releases I’ve discovered and loved, such as Slow Glass and Panoram. Coincidentally, there is a reference to Japanese experimental music through Bunita Marcus’ ‘Lecture for Jo Kondo’, and Satoshi and Makoto and Ono’s ‘Walking on Thin Ice’.

For this episode, I have also decided to speak less in between the music to create a fluid sonicscape. I read an excerpt of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s beautiful text about electricity that comes printed inside of her LP.”


1. The Abyss Within Us – Life in a Circle Part I
2. Slow Glass – A Million Pieces
3. Panoram – What it Means
4. Bunita Marcus – Lecture for Jo Kondo – Excerpt 1
5. Billy Bultheel – Red Scape
6. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Carrying Gravity
7. Satoshi & Makoto – Updraft

Laima’s album Home is out now on The Vinyl Factory, and her new single ‘Disco Pregnancy’ can be bought here. Laima will present her first video installation – Mirror – at the Vooruit in Ghent for the Gent Film Festival.