VF Live: Laima #5



Exploring ambient and experimental music from 2020.

“For my fifth VF Live set, I’ve explored ambient and experimental music with some 2020 releases I’ve discovered and loved, such as Slow Glass and Panoram. Coincidentally, there is a reference to Japanese experimental music through Bunita Marcus’ ‘Lecture for Jo Kondo’, and Satoshi and Makoto and Ono’s ‘Walking on Thin Ice.’

For this episode, I have also decided to speak less in between the music to create a fluid sonicscape. I read an excerpt of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s beautiful text about electricity that comes printed inside of her LP.”


1. The Abyss Within Us – Life in a Circle Part I
2. Slow Glass – A Million Pieces
3. Panoram – What it Means
4. Bunita Marcus – Lecture for Jo Kondo – Excerpt 1
5. Billy Bultheel – Red Scape
6. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Carrying Gravity
7. Satoshi & Makoto – Updraft

Laima’s album Home is out now on The Vinyl Factory, and her new single ‘Disco Pregnancy’ can be bought here. Laima will present her first video installation – Mirror – at the Vooruit in Ghent for the Gent Film Festival.