VF Live: Joakim



Sound art, hoovers, hip-hop, piano improvisations and beyond.

With quarantines and lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic ongoing around the world, artists are finding new ways to connect with people worldwide.

In VF Live sets our favourite collectors take you inside their homes and record shops, for intimate selects and mixes.

From sound art and IDM to boogaloo and hip-hop, producer and multi-instrumentalist Joakim plays rare records from his Paris studio, accompanying them with improvisational pizzazz including his piano, hoovering and a tambourine.

Watch and listen above, find out more about the set as well as some of the records played below.

“Well, first of all it’s not really a mix, I’m playing records one by one. Besides, I decided to play instruments on top of some records, mainly the piano – the only instrument I actually know how to play. So it’s really a sort of hybrid set.

I picked the records randomly from a pile that are all vinyl I want to rip, more or less rare stuff I want to play out or have on my computer.”