VF Live: Eliza Rose #12



A country and blues special.

In VF Live, DJs take you inside their HQs, record shops, and studios for intimate sets and mixes.

Londoner Eliza Rose has spent over a decade working at her local record shop Flashback, acquiring a formidable collection along the way.

For her latest VF Live show, Rose selects country and blues records from artists including Loretta Lynn, Rosie Mitchell, and Hank Penny.

Watch and listen to the set above, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Negro Prison songs – Prison songs
2. Jimmy La Sane – Black Folks Like country music
3. Loretta Lynn – The Pill
4. Robert Parker – Barefootin
5. Hardrock Gunter & Roberta Lee – Sixty Minute Man
6. Hank Penny – Bloodshot Eyes
7. Rosie Mitchell – Live My Life
8. Camille Howard – Groovy Blues
9. Sandy Posey – Single Girl
10. Lillian Glinn – Cravin A Man Blues
11. Negro Prison songs – The Lord