VF Live: DJ Mihoko #3





A funk and soul set to inspire “happiness for everyone.”

In VF Live, our favourite DJs take you inside their homes, record stores, and studios, for intimate mixes and performances.

DJ Mihoko started out the mid-’90s as a founding member of Japan’s first female reggae sound system. Mihoko then began touring her home nation extensively, while taking occasional trips to Jamaica to cut dubplates.

Moving to NYC in ’98, Mihoko soon picked up a number of residencies and guest spots at venues such as the Limelight, Speed, Cheetah, Lotus, and 60 Thompson. Adapting to New York’s genre-spanning club scene, she began blending a wide variety of musical styles including hip-hop, soul, funk, disco, boogie, Afrobeat, and house, while still drawing heavily on her reggae roots.

For her third VF Live set, DJ Mihoko selects funk and soul tunes to inspire “happiness for everyone.”

Quoting lyrics from Sunbear’s ‘I Heard the Voice of Music Say’, Mihoko says “Life can be beautiful, make some music everywhere you go. Happiness is for everyone, pretty melodies can be so much fun.”

Watch and listen to the set above, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Theatre West – Searching For Ourselves
2. Slickaphonic – Doin’ It
3. Solat – Try, Try
4. People’s Pleasure – World Full Of People
5. Chain Reaction – Search For Tomorrow
6. Sunbear – I heard The Voice Of Music Say
7. Transport – Move Your Body To The Music
8. Bubbha Thomas & The Lightman – Boogie Down (Pt.1)
9. Gratitude – We Are Here To Party
10. Halo – Life
11. The Pretenders – Just Be Yourself