Duval Timothy announces new album, Help





With a video for first single ‘Fall Again’ featuring Lil Silva & Melanie Faye.

Duval Timothy is releasing a new album called Help, this August on Carrying Colour / The Vinyl Factory.

Recorded in London and Los Angeles, it reveals the artists’ experience traversing the meshes of the music industry, mental health, YouTube self-help videos, and the healing he discovered through friendship and collaboration.

Its 18-tracks were produced and mixed by Duval Timothy and Rodaidh McDonald, except ‘Fall Again’ which was mixed by Marta Salogni.

Help features cameos from Lil Silva, Melanie Faye, Vegyn, Desta Haile, Mr Mitch, Dave Okumo, and Twin Shadow.

Speaking about the new single, Duval shares, “‘Fall Again’ started as a solo piano composition. After I played it to Lil Silva in his studio, he sang to it on the spot. We discussed the concept of a loved one going away and the value of patience.”

Lil Silva adds “this record is about loving and believing in yourself to be better; to settle down your constant cycle of thoughts and be still because the universe has a plan for all of us. The message we wanted people to take away from the song is about breaking through these negatives and believing in the universe to do its work.”

The album follows Duval Timothy’s ‘Slave’ EP, which was also released on Carrying Colour / The Vinyl Factory.

Order a copy of Help here ahead of its 7th August release, and check out the tracklist below.

Help LP


1. Next Tomorrow
2. Slave feat. Twin Shadow
4. Fall Again feat. Lil Silva and Melanie Faye
5. 9
6. Groundnut feat. Twin Shadow
7. Like feat. Vegyn
8. Radish
9. Something feat. Mr Mitch
10. Alone
11. Still Happened
12. Look
13. Same
14. Ice
15. C
16. U
17. Morning
18. Pink