Digging for donuts: 15 slept-on and unreleased J Dilla cuts






Unreleased mixes

The Artifacts
The Ultimate (Jay Dee Remix)

My favourite Artifacts track got a Dilla rework that never got an official release. It is classic bass heavy Jay Dee melodies that leave only the dead and buried not nodding their head.

Busta Rhymes
Woo Hah (Jay Dee Other Shit Mix)

We all know and love the Jay Dee Bounce Remix of Woo Hah but there is another two remixes that never got released and for me this is the one although both are dope as hell!

De La Soul
Stakes Is High (Unreleased Promo Mix)

The OG version is one of my favourite Dilla productions and while this is not on a par with that (what is?) it is yet another example of Dilla making the most of very little. Greatness in simplicity.

Common & Erykah Badu
The Light (Acoustic Mix)

I first heard this in a DVD rental store in Gothenburg and nearly lost my shit. I was asking the lady what it was and she had no clue as a friend has given it to her in a bunch of tunes. I tracked it down and now it is a firm fave!

Those Dreamin Eyes of Mine (Jay Dee Remix)

As far as I know this is totally unofficial and never saw a legitimate release. It is my top D’Angelo track and is given the full soulful Rhodes work over by Jay Dee. Get this on your Valentine’s playlist and you gonna get some!