Kristín Anna to perform songs for piano and voice at London’s Cafe Oto



Ilan Volkov is also on the bill.

Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir – the celebrated ex-singer from múm – will perform her songs for piano and voice at Cafe Oto in London next Thursday (16th February).

Last year, the VF artist released Howl, a double LP of “satanist feminine ambient music” created during a site-specific artistic residency in the Mohave Desert in California.

Howl was released on Bel-Air Glamour Records, the label created by Icelandic artist and musician Ragnar Kjartansson, in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, to feature some of the most innovative music coming out of Rekyavik and beyond.

A frequent collaborator of Ragnar, Kristín Anna stars in his acclaimed audio-video installation The Visitors, which made its UK premiere at VF’s Brewer Street Car Park and was also released on vinyl.

Kristín Anna plays Cafe Oto with Ilan Volkov on 16th February, click here for advance tickets and information .