Gallery: Eddie Peake’s choreographed voyage to Volcano Extravaganza

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Volcanic sunsets, dance performances and naked football.

Eddie Peake’s work dances along the line between the civil and the animal, the ordered and the unruly. Whether uncomfortably clothed, as in Fox, or provocatively naked in Gli Animali, the exposure and muscular tactility of the human form is to the fore.

For the seventh edition of contemporary art festival Volcano Extravaganza co-presented by The Vinyl Factory, Peake was tasked with curating a series of performances in Naples and Stromboli – the former one of the longest continually inhabited cities in the world, the latter a remote, inhospitable outlier, where rough seas can leave you stranded for days. The civil and the animal, explored in location as well as concept, the aquatic voyage between both itself mirrored in this year’s cephalopod theme, i Polpi.

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Joining Peake for a new choreography entitled To Corpse were a selection of frequent collaborators from the world of music, including electronic musician Actress, Gwilym Gold (who has released on Peake’s HYMN imprint), interdisciplinary artists Evan Ifekoya and Victoria Sin and poet Holly Pester.

To Corpse Variation Two with Gwilym Gold #IPolpi #volcanoextravaganza _____ @fiorucciartrust @eddie_peake @gwilymgold

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Accompanied by a selection of Peake’s genre-bending, provocative work – like naked football match Gli Animali, which took place in former monastery and contemporary art archive Casa Morra in Naples, and Fox, which was performed at sea on the crossing to Stromboli – the shape-shifting festival climaxed at club Megà, where UK DJ Jonjo Jury and Balearic originator Leo Mas played a party under the stars.

Scroll down to see the best images from the extraordinary 96-hour voyage below:

Gli Animali

Casa Morra

To Corpse

Variation One: Actress


To Corpse

Variation Two: Gwilym Gold

Le Scalze, Chiesa di San Giuseppe a POntecorvo

To Corpse

Variation Three: Holly Pester

Vulcano Solfatara


SNAV Ferry

Megaphone Duet

Stromboli Harbour

To Corpse

Variation Four: Evan Ifekoya with Victoria Sin

Club Megà

Jonjo Jury & Leo Mas

Club Megà

To Corpse

Variation Five: The sounds of Stromboli

The beach


Murals by Eddie Peake

All photos by Pawel Ptak