Jeremy Deller on new exhibition WILTSHIRE B4 CHRIST



Rave culture meets pagan ritualism at 180 The Strand.

Turner Prize-winner Jeremy Deller’s new exhibition WILTSHIRE B4 CHRIST – a collaboration with photographer David Sims and fashion brand Aries – opened this week at London’s The Store X.

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Mixing new and archival photography with pagan symbolism and rave iconography, WILTSHIRE B4 CHRIST continues Deller’s ongoing exploration of British identity in projects like The History of the World and Acid Brass with a show and capsule collection that delves into mysticism and the pull of Neolithic sites like Stonehenge.

We spoke with Deller to find out why he’s so fascinated by the mystery of Stonehenge, and why the site has captivated musicians, revellers and ravers across the centuries. Check out the video above, which features additional images by Jack Hems.

WILTSHIRE B4 CHRIST Christ runs until January 27 at The Store X, 180 The Strand.

Entry is free and the exhibition is open daily from 12pm-7pm.