Stream vinyl around the home with Yamaha’s new AV receiver




For a whole-home vinyl system.

Yamaha has unveiled a new lines of AV receivers that will enables users to stream vinyl records around the home.

The product features phono inputs so you can pair a turntable with Yamaha’s MusicCast technology. MusicCast nonverts audio to a digital signal to broadcast it across multiple rooms so you’ll lose that analogue purity but it’s quicker than ripping records.

As with regular Yamaha receivers, these ones offer a full range of connectivity options including AM/FM/DAB radio, support streaming services, bluetooth and Airplay.

Expect the new range to launch before IFA this September. Yamaha is keeping quiet on price for now.

In related news, there’s a fully wireless turntable hitting the market soon.

[via Tech Radar]

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