Vinylfy – The social network for record collectors



Vinylfy is the latest start-up to attempt to drag record collectors kicking and grumbling into the internet age.

Everything starts and ends with a dodgy pun.

Cuban-cum-Floridian friends Jose Pimienta and Osniel Gonzalez launched the social network in February for record collectors to upload their collections, interact with other users and create wishlists. What’s the difference between Vinylfy and Discogs I hear you ask? According to creator Pimienta, it’s a question of cosmetics. “There are other sites that are using forums and technology from the 90’s so we wanted to make it more modern and more interactive.” [via ABC News]

While as many as (or as few as, depending on where you stand on this) 800 subscribers have shared 15,000 records on Vinylfy so far, one pressing question remains; is there really space for another hobby-specific social platform in a world that is already irreparably cluttered with online guff and avatar-based naval-gazing? Click here to sign up and decide for yourself.