Tom Of England mines post punk and downtown NYC influences on debut album, Sex Monk Blues



The DJ Harvey collaborator draws on P.I.L., Arthur Russell and more.

Producer, mezcal expert and disco troubadour Tom Of England aka Thomas Bullock will release debit album Sex Monk Blues via L.I.E.S. this October.

Having dropped new music on Hinge Finger and Trilogy Tapes, Bullock’s debut album as Tom Of England takes inspiration from the post-punk and no wave energy of the early ’80s.

The album draws in a range of collaborators, including singer Bobbie Marie, and cameos from DJ Harvey, Ed Ruscha and The Rapture’s Gabe Druzzi.

A veteran of dance music scenes on both sides of the Atlantic as part of Tonka Hi-fi in the UK, Wicked Sound System in San Francisco or Rub N Tug in New York, Bullock has also recorded with DJ Harvey as Map of Africa.

Originally released on limited cassette earlier this year, Sex Monk Blues arrves on vinyl on 7th October via L.I.E.S. Check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. In Your Town
2. Sniffin in the Griffin
3. Neon Green
4. Be Me
5. Song of the Sex Monk
6. Suspension