This album features 10,000 samples from hundreds of forgotten vinyl records

This album features 10,000 samples from hundreds of forgotten vinyl records




10,000 samples from 400 dusty records.

Copenhagen-based duo Den Sorte Skole have dropped a new album Indians & Cowboys, seamlessly constructed from a staggering 10,000 samples, themselves lifted from 400 old records.

Mining dusty records from 75 countries far and wide, the samples span genres as diverse as folk, psychedelia, early electronic music, Middle Eastern dancehall, mechanical noise, classical, odd-ball spoken word snippets and all kinds of field recordings.


The ability to find and buy records from all over the world with the click of the button helped the pair to rapidly expand and diversify their sample library. “We put up some rules,” the group’s Martin Højland told Motherboard. “One of those rules was to sample as many different musical cultures as possible—a thing that had become much more possible with the internet.”

Inspired by DJ Shadow’s seminal crate digging album Endtroducing, the pair’s live performances unfold on turntables and MPD-players with endless samples in the mix. This style led to two sample-heavy mixtapes, Lektion #1 and Lektion #2, the fully sample-based album Lektion #3, and now Indians & Cowboys.

Read the full interview with the duo over at Motherboard and get sample spotting below:

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