The Cinematic Orchestra are reissuing Man With A Movie Camera to mark 20 years





The double LP release will drop on September 1.

The Cinematic Orchestra are set to release a 20th-anniversary edition of Man With A Movie Camera this September via Ninja Tune.

The 2003 album was originally commissioned as the score for Dziga Vertov’s silent movie of the same as a one-off performance for Porto’s European City of Culture film festival celebrations. The band have since performed the show across the world at venues including The Barbican and the Sydney Opera House.

The 2LP limited edition reissue is pressed on ashen and pewter grey-coloured vinyl, with a tip-on foiled, embossed and debossed detail gatefold sleeve. Updated artwork and liner notes. as well as a 12″ double-sided art card insert of unseen session photography is also included.

You can pre-order Man With A Movie Camera now ahead of its September 1 release date.


Side A:
1. The Projectionist
2. Melody
3. Dawn
4. The Awakening Of A Woman (Burnout)

Side B:
1. Reel Life (Evolution II)
2. Postlude
3. Evolution (Versao Portuense)

Side C:
1. Man With The Movie Camera
2. Voyage
3. Odessa
4. Theme De Yoyo
5. The Magician

Side D:
1. Theme Reprise
2. Yoyo Waltz
3. Drunken Tune
4. The Animated Tripod
5. All Things