Strut Records partners with anti-apartheid artist Julian Bahula to reissue catalogue





The first two reissues are Malombo Jazz Makers’ Malompo Jazz and Malombo Jazz Makers, Vol 2.

Strut Records has partnered up with Julian Bahula to reissue catalogue releases by the South African musician and anti-apartheid activist.

On May 26, Strut will release Malombo Jazz Makers’ Malompo Jazz and Malombo Jazz Makers, Vol 2 for the first time on vinyl since their original releases in 1966 and 1967.

Both albums were recorded with Bahula on drums and predate his work with Tsafrika Promotions, bringing African artists such as Fela Kuti and Miriam Makeba to The 100 Club and The Forum in London.

Malombo Jazz Makers’ music became symbolic of the resistance against apartheid in its advocacy for black South African liberation. They worked close with activists Steve Biko and Saths Cooper and raised awareness of Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment through their music.

“We grew up listening to American jazz, but we wanted to mix it with what our forefathers were doing,” explains Bahula. “Our ancestors used them to heal people who weren’t well, as did all the African doctors who would dance around the person as they were healing them. We thought this would be a lovely name for our band, because we saw what we were doing as music that heals”.

Both releases are available for pre-order from Strut Records now.

Malompo Jazz Tracklist:
A1. Abbey’s Mood
A2. Lullaby for Angels
A3. Grab This for Me
A4. Emakhaya
A5. Blues After Lunch 2.36
A6. Bababelo
B1. Intandane
B2. A Tribute to Birds
B3. Root of Africa
B4. Vuma Mbari
B5. Lousy Fever
B6. Jikeleza

Malombo Jazz Makers Vol. 2  Tracklist:
A1. Ngivulele
A2. Udondolo
A3. Soul of Africa
A4. Jolly Journey
A5. Umkhosi
A6. Majazana
B1. Abbey’s Body
B2. Vukani
B3. Hleziphi
B4. Sibathathu
B5. Malombi Walk
B6. Emoubane