Record Store Day Black Friday flipping has already begun on eBay

Record Store Day Black Friday flipping has already begun on eBay




Scalpers list RSD exclusives three weeks ahead of Black Friday.

It happened earlier this year when one particularly cynical “eBay tosser” (as Johnny Marr puts it) listed 122 RSD exclusives ten days before Record Store Day proper had even taken place.

Now it’s happening again for RSD’s second outing of the year. With a smaller (and even less inspiring) stock to select from, 51 exclusives have already found their way on to eBay three weeks before the event.

This time, multiple sellers have cottoned on to the pre-game; although one seller is especially prolific: hoping to shift Felt and Nine Inch Nails box sets for $200, and Bowie and Johnny Cash albums for $100. Any takers?

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Again, it’s not clear yet how these individuals have access to releases ahead of time. The most plausible explanation is that they’re record shop owners, hoping to slice extra profit from limited editions of 3000 and pointless coloured vinyl box sets.

Obviously this sour, but perhaps expected, news will continue to frustrate the growing cohort of Record Store Day detractors, which includes indie labels, vinyl manufacturers and even some record shops; all of whom have argued that the the event and its iterations pose a problem not a solution for the wider industry.

Listen to a thorough investigation of Record Store Day and pressing matters at the heart of the vinyl industry in our recent podcast.

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