The queen size bed with vinyl record storage





Get up on the A-side of bed.

Let’s talk about vinyl storage again. Functional, affordable, and really boring – we all know that IKEA’s Kallax (formerly Expedit) range has record collectors whipped. But life doesn’t have to be this way…

Instead say hej to IKEA Hackers, the mavericks that modify and repurpose IKEA products in the name of personality. Some of their ‘hacks’ can be rolled out like Swedish meatballs whilst others require proper tools, brawn and brain power. This crafty queen size LP bed slots into the latter.

Featured by contributor Maximilian, it’s the grand product of two Expedit shelving units, MDF, wood screws, a power drill and, erm, duct tape.

With a capacity of around 500 records, it’s an ideal small space living solution. That said, if you’ve got room to play with, it’s also possible to construct a king size bed using exactly the same materials.

And in case you’re wondering, the hack works with the new Kallax range (according to user Ceejay who gave it a go).

Head here for your musical bed instruction manual – in English, not the usual wordless mayhem.

But if all that sounds like too much work, check out these alternative storage solutions that’ll make you want to kollapse your Kallax.