Luxman unveils new high-end amps and turntable





An early celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary.

High-end audio manufacturer Luxman is releasing two new amps and a turntable across August and September this year.

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First up is Luxman’s new flagship stereo amp — the M-10X. The amp features the brand’s Luxman Integrated Feedback System (or LIFES), which is designed to reduce distortion.

The M-10X is also capable of delivering 50 Watts into 8ohms.

It’s available now from Luxman’s website for £16,000.

The second amp — the L-507Z — is described as the first release in Luxman’s “new generation of amplifier products.” Like the M-10X, it also features the company’s LIFES design.

It also has an integrated, electronically controlled attenuator which should minimise sound quality degradation across the full volume spectrum.

On top of a standard 6.3mm headphone jack, it also has a new 4.4mm output.

The L-507Z will retail for £8,000 later this month. Check out the product page for more info.

Finally, the new PD-151 MKII turntable builds on the brands PD-151 turntable from 2018. The MK11 version boasts a new S-shaped tonearm and a brushless DC motor.

It comes with rubber damping mounts to reduce vibrations and distortion, as well as insulated feet.

The turntable will retail for £5,000 in September 2022. Head to the Luxman site for more info.