Imagine a world filled with portable record players



Are these portable record players about to hit the market?

“The Rawman 3000 produces such a big, rich sound, that it only can be compared to a very elaborate and expensive component stereo record player system. Yet, it´s so small that you can take it anywhere you go.” German design agency Rocket & Wink have teased a range of portable record players that seem to good to be true. Don’t get your hopes up though, these players won’t be hitting the market anytime soon.

Each player has a USB port for, well, USBs in case you run out of records. The smartcard and antenna for Bluetooth connection should also provide support in that eventuality. Oh and there’s “an exclusive Hot-Line button which lets you carry-on a conversation or sing along over the music.” With 7″, 10″ and 12″ options, the record players are set to land in June… 1983.

Having recently rounded up eight existing portable records players on the market, we’re gutted that the Rawman is just a pipe dream. [via IDS]







All images courtesy of Rocket & Wink
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