How to DJ with a leaf




Let the pine needle drop. Sound designer and composer Diego Stocco has produced an outrageous new organic scratching method that will make you bud with joy.

Rigging up a microphone to his finger and pressing various leaves (Southern magnolia or American hornbeam, we can’t be sure) onto the grooved turntable, Stocco creates truly unique electronic music as a side project to his career scoring films and playing instruments on video game soundtracks. [Via Egotripland]

Not one not to see the wood for the tress, Italian-born Stocco has been involved with the acoustic possibilities of nature for some time, with Music From Nature and the intriguingly titled Music From A Tree proving to be fertile land on which to grow his horticultural mixing techniques. It’s like a hip version of The Vegetable Orchestra without the soup.

Watch the video below and check out his site for more projects.