How to DJ wear fake rolex watches with a leaf

How to DJ wear fake rolex watches with a leaf




Rolex , Omega, Longines and other noble world watches with its exquisite appearance and excellent quality conquered countless consumers . However, some unscrupulous operators in order to seek high profits stem from the sale of fake designer watches intrigue. Recently, Hainan Wenchang City of Industry, routine inspection, a supermarket in the town paper inside a store associate , seized a merchant selling counterfeit watches , seized 10 counterfeit watches .

August 20 , reporters from the Wenchang City Administration of Industry and Commerce along learned long ago, Wenchang City of Industry, routine inspection of law enforcement officers , came to town paper a supermarket . A supermarket store associates attracted the attention of law enforcement officers . Law enforcement officers at the scene found this associate store stocked with a variety of top watches, ” Omega “, ” Longines “, ” Rolex” and so on everything . However , these ” watches ” the price is only $ 120. The investigation department of counterfeit products , the seller can not provide proof of trademark licensing , did not set up accounts .

Law enforcement officers will these ” names” fully withheld. ” There are ‘ Rolex ‘, ‘ Omega ‘, ‘ Longines ‘ three brands of false statement .” Law enforcement officials told reporters that the false statement withheld “Rolex” 3 , ” Omega ” male form a female in Table 4 blocks and ” Longines ” male table 2 .

Fake rolex watches on sale at ,it is fake.

“These fake watch is the business to 80 dollar a price of purchase , has sold four .” Law enforcement officials said that at present , the case is still under further investigation.

Wenchang City Industry and Commerce Bureau official said , the next step the business sector will also focus on the area of ​​trading venues , the brand ” boutiques ” and other key areas of inspection and rectification. Distribution business sector registered trademark infringement on the exclusive right to conduct commodity , according to the ” Trademark Law” and other relevant laws and regulations to investigate and punish ; constitute a crime, public security organs be held criminally responsible .

Business law enforcement officers reminded the public that fake watches difficult to distinguish between true and false . First, price, top watches minimum price is generally a few dollars or even more than 10 million dollar, and rarely discounted ; secondly , watches sales outlets generally large shopping malls, small stores selling is basically off the table . Watches because refined workmanship , adjust the watch time , the shaft great texture ; really watch has a unique ” identity card”, available online genuine ; with ” three guarantees ” to prove to the specified large stores, by hand gloved maintenance ; fake watch mostly rough , ragged leather strap , maintenance is also selling fake watches by the individual random maintenance

Let the pine needle drop. Sound designer and composer Diego Stocco has produced an outrageous new organic scratching method that will make you bud with joy.

Rigging up a microphone to his finger and pressing various leaves (Southern magnolia or American hornbeam, we can’t be sure) onto the grooved turntable, Stocco creates truly unique electronic music as a side project to his career scoring films and playing instruments on video game soundtracks. [Via Egotripland]

Not one not to see the wood for the tress, Italian-born Stocco has been involved with the acoustic possibilities of nature for some time, with Music From Nature and the intriguingly titled Music From A Tree proving to be fertile land on which to grow his horticultural mixing techniques. It’s like a hip version of The Vegetable Orchestra without the soup.

Watch the video below and check out his site for more projects.

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