Exclusive photos of The Golden Filter’s stunning new vinyl trilogy, Unselected Works





NYC experimental electronic music duo have their Unselected Works trilogy released by The Vinyl Factory.

On Christmas Day 2013 Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman leaked a series of demos and ‘sketches’ from sessions for their long-awaited new album online as “Unselected Works”, a frustrated act of rebellion against an industry that had robbed them of spontaneity. Received warmly by their dedicated fans, the first volume was soon followed by a second and then a third instalment, as the duo mined their huge reserve of tracks recorded over the last 18 months to self-release the digital trilogy directly to the public.

Now, rekindling their collaboration with The Vinyl Factory which saw the release of their experimental soundtrack Syndromes in 2012, The Golden Filter have turned that digital trilogy into a three-part set of limited edition vinyl releases. Landing in our office earlier this week and photographed in-house, we simply couldn’t keep these beautiful objects secret any longer.

Scroll down to see a selection of the best images from The Golden Filter’s Unselected Works trilogy, and click on the specific links to order Volumes One, Two and Three from our online shop.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can explore the release in more detail in our in-depth interview with the duo here.

red all copy

red label back copy

red label front copy

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red vinyl copy

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yellow label back copy

yellow label front copy

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yellow vinyl copy

blue all copy

blue label back copy

blue label front copy

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blue vinyl copy