The strangest things found inside vinyl records




Instagram user @thingsifoundinrecords has compiled all the weird stuff people find in their records.  

Buying second hand has a lot to offer that new vinyl simply can’t compete with. Shop in the right places (see our secret digging spots for ideas), and you’ll be rewarded with an afternoon of fun and bags of cheap vinyl, and the environment will thank you for it too.

But more than that, used vinyl is a record of human activity; it provides a direct link between owners of past and present. Often the only traces of a past life are marks and scratches but the notion of a record as an artefact becomes a whole lot more interesting when marjuana leaves, ‘dick pics’ and ripped up $100 bills enter the equation. So naturally we were delighted to discover that Jeff Obiga of Brooklyn’s Black Gold record shop has setup an Instagram home for curious objects and ephemera found in vinyl records.

According to Dangerous Minds, the project began when Jeff found a clipping in a copy of Electric Warrior outlining the death of Marc Bolan. From there the discoveries kept rolling in and Jeff became interested in used vinyl as a vehicle for exploring the past. “Finding stuff in records just enhances your connection with the previous owner”, he told DM. “Buying collections is, in a sense, a modern archeology of sorts concerning the person you got the records from.”

We’ve picked out some highlights from the feed below:

If you’ve found weird stuff in your vinyl, send a photo to Jeff to contribute to the page. Head here to explore Things I Found In Records in full.

[via Dangerous Minds]