VF Live: Poly-Ritmo #1



From Brazilian groove to Jamaican rock steady and Egyptian funk.

In VF Live, our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios for intimate sets.

London DJ Poly-Ritmo steps up for her first VF Live show with music spanning from Brazilian MPB to Egyptian funk and Jamaican rock steady.

Watch and listen to the set above, find out more about the selects and check out the tracklist below.

“Here are some of my favourite records that have been keeping me going through lockdown. Most of these are records that I’ve had for years and have rediscovered recently, while a few are recent additions to my collection, all of which I have been enjoying taking the time to properly sit down and listen to.”


1. The Bird Curtis Quintet – The Butter Tree
2. Ronaldo Malta – Canto Nago
3. Erick Cosaque – Guadeloupe, île de mes amours
4. Delroy Wilson – I don’t know why
5. Hany Mehanna – Badaouiah بدوية
6. Satoshi & Makoto – Poincare
7. Lynda Dawn – Arise (Reprise)
8. Enlightenment – Burning Flame
9. Bebeto – A Beleza é Você Menina
10. Louie Bellson & Walfredo De Los Reyes – Sentido en seis
11. Chucho Valdes – Triton