VF Live: Phonica Records #8 with Luther Vine



“A mix of deep house gems!”

In VF Live, our favourite DJs take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios, for intimate mixes and performances.

Phonica Records’ Luther Vine is back with a mix of deep house gems from the racks, as well as a selection of beloved favourites from his collection.

Watch and listen to the set above, check out the tracklist below.


1. FIT Siegel – Carmine
2. Sandoz – Human Spirit
3. Seafoam – Hybrid
4. Michael J. Blood – Side C
5. Losoul – Overland
6. Norm Talley, Moodymann and Omar S – Jus Hangin (Mashed Up by D’Julz)
7. Metro Area – Miura
8. DJ Gregory & The Ever Boot – My Man Is Back In Town
9. The Wise Caucasian – Sac Magique
10. Nector – As She Peeled An Orange
11. Javen Souls – A Walk Thru The Park
12. Harrison BDP – Easy Tiger
13. Edward Norton – Melodram
14. Bolam – Florion Heights