VF Live: Iggor Cavalera #2





Live modular improvisations over drone and experimental records.

In VF Live, our favourite artists take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios, for intimate mixes and performances.

For his second VF Live set, Iggor Cavalera layers live modular improvisation over drone, ambient, and experimental records.

“The mix is focused on music from all over the globe, no boundaries and no limitations of styles and genres. I focused on the lower frequencies from selected records, and added a few layers of drones and spring reverb,” Iggor says.

“There is an unreleased track (‘O Antropoceno’) from my collaborative project, Deafbrick, which blends Brazilian rhythms with psychedelic guitar sounds. It was amazing to be outside in my backyard, surrounded by my wife’s magical brugmansias to emphasise the atmosphere.”

Watch and listen to the set above, and check out the equipment used and tracklist below.

Equipment used:

Knas – Spring Reverb Moisturiser
Erica Synths – Fusion II
Instruo – Arbhar
Mutable – Clouds
2 x Technics turntables


1. Gasparotti – Instantanea .3 (Dio Drone Records)
2. Medium – Eluvium (Zuckerman Museum of Art)
3. Deafbrick – O Antropoceno (Neurot Records)
4. Vatican Shadow – Archbishop 911 (Hospital Productions)
5. Paisel – Cause Yourself to Rise, Gong (Rocket Recordings)
6. O/H – Poverty Line (Lies Records)
7. Gnod – Paper Error (Rocket Recordings)
8. Bad Girl – Cosmi (Dio Drone)
9. Merzbow – TD3 (Relapse Records)
10. Nosferatu – The Plague (Silva Screen Records)