VF Live: Gold Line – Vex Ruffin





Direct from Stones Throw’s audiophile HQ in LA, with records selected from its 10,000+ collection.

In VF Live, our favourite DJs take you inside their homes, record stores, studios, and radio stations, for intimate mixes and performances.

Cali-via-Manilla artist Vex Ruffin makes his VF Live debut at Stones Throw’s audiophile bar, Gold Line. For the occasion, he selects records from its 10,000+ collection including reggae, Brazilian, jazz, soul, funk, rock, experimental, and hip-hop.

This mix is a little sample of what I typically play at Gold Line. Peanut Butter Wolf has a wide range of genres in his record collection, so normally I’ll play some from my personal favorites, but for the most part, I wing it and play a lot of records I’d never heard.

I guess you can say it’s a bit of “self discovery” through music for me. Another thing I really enjoy about spinning at the Gold Line is the few moments before a song ends, and I’m digging through the records to find the next track to play. That sort of pressure/anxiety I feel gives me a rush. I appreciate the flexibility I have to discover and play whatever I want.”

I’m never afraid to jump from one genre to the next. A couple of the records I want to highlight from my mix are VST and Company’s ‘Ayos ba’, and JVC Force’s ‘Forcefield’. These two are the heavy hitters for me!”


1. Scientists – Scientific Dub
2. Neu – I’m gluck
3. Gil Gilberto and Germano Mathias – rua
4. dudu pukwana and zila featuring pinise Saul – Life in Bracknell and Willisau
5. Locke the Superman – OST
6. Yello – Homer hossa
7. Yuk – 001 (feat. Delofi)
8. VST and Company – Ayos ba
9. Don Cherry – Karmapa
10. Rza – Rza’s Theme ( Ghost Dog OST)
11. Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Research Arkestra – Black Forest myth live
12. Random Hold – Montgomery Clift
13. The Units – High Pressure Days
14. Sympathy Nervous – A worm
15. Fantasy – It’s your rock (instrumental)
16. Leningrad Sandwich – Concrete Dub
17. JVC Force – Forcefield
18. Soft Machine – Down the Road
19. Miguel De Deus – Cinco Anos

Vex Ruffin’s LiteAce Frequency Remixes and LiteAce Frequency are out now on Stones Throw,